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Models As Brand Ambassadors



By Margretta Sowah

In the temperamental and seductive world of brands there are layers of complexities, and elements of surprise that bring an aspirational concept to life. There is no denying the increase in consumer curiosity for this evolving trade; wanting to know the ‘hows’ and the ‘wheres’. Many companies have risen and fallen under the pressure of satisfying designer [x]’s creative urges with practical needs of the consumer. These purchasing decisions are aided by fashion trends that spark a dialogue globally. Having the right brand ambassador, influencing potential customers, can spell billion dollar revenue. Hey, if the shoe fits…

Kate Upton x EXPRESS

What do Kate Upton and your favourite pair of EXPRESS denim jeans has in common? All. American. Charm. Say what you will about Miss Upton, she knows how to stir a crowd. EXPRESS, a Columbus-based specialty apparel and accessories retailer for the young adult demographic (ages 20 to 30), appointed Kate as their brand ambassador and spokesperson.

We know Miss Upton is a model. A Sports Illustrated model. Kate represents their target market – the “true American girl.” In their own words: ‘She’s fresh, she’s sexy, and she’s iconic.’ Kate’s love of EXPRESS in her youth sparked their 2014 denim collection, inspired by her favourite pair of jeans – the perfect fit for the two parties, Kate and EXPRESS.

Shu Pei Qin x Maybelline

Shu Pei Qui is representing the Chinese market in a fresh new way. In her most lucrative cosmetics contract with Maybelline, Shu Pei will join other bombshells at Maybelline with her own print campaign. Shu has been quoted saying, “When I shopped for Maybelline’s mascara in drugstores I used to dream how wonderful it would be to become a Maybelline girl one day!”

The need for ethnic diversity in fashion will always be at the forefront of the consumer’s path to purchase. Particularly when it comes to cosmetics contracts, an honour for any wide –eyed and style conscious woman. Estee Lauder had its first Asian face for the brand in Lui Wen and now Miss Qui is following in her steps. After all, the Asian market is becoming one of the largest commercial forces in fashion – influencing every aspect from Runway to shop front.

Maybelline’s CEO said: “Shu Pei not only looks outstanding, but she also has inner fire. Her dazzling image and style and unique temperament in the fashion world […] We are convinced that signing with Shu Pei internationally for our team in Asia injects fresh energy.” The Asian-Chinese market needs to be represented in American beauty culture just as much as African, Spanish or Indian – or any other nation.

Joan Smalls x Estee Lauder

Joan Smalls is a style icon to many. Her Puerto Rican heritage makes Smalls a vibrant (27 is still young by any stretch of the imagination) and sultry force in the modelling arena. Smalls was chosen to be the Spokesmodel for Estee Lauder in 2014. Their fairytale meeting? According to Vogue.com, Joan was prepping for the Costume Institute Gala when… “I knew my dress was going to be a simple tan gown by Vera Wang, and I was just sort of like, ‘This needs something – I love how matte lipsticks don’t look too overpowering or in-your-face, even if the colour is bright.”

Joan is in love with the ‘chic and sophisticated’ effect of a mattey pout. According to Small’s interview with Estee Lauder.com she says, “I’ve always liked how the colours in the Pure Color Lipstick line read on first swipe, without having to apply layer upon layer—which is a problem I often have, especially with my skin tone—so I asked, ‘Can we do this formula, but make it more matte?’”

Pure Color Envy Matte Sculpting Lipstick was Smalls’ first creative collaboration with the brand. The video campaign for the collection follows Joan as she goes about her day; from waking up (choosing her lipstick shade) and wandering around the city streets before falling into bed – at the end of a long (but productive) day… probably in gifted Victoria’s Secret sleepwear. Some women have all the fun.

Rihanna x Dior

“A presence looms in a nighttime Versailles. Captured by Steven Klein’s camera, Rihanna passes through the sumptuous salons and the Hall of Mirrors. Enigmatic and enchanting, the singer heads to the palace gardens, where their box hedges, clipped to spell the House’s emblematic initials, convey a fairytale air. As the only light, the glow of candles and moonbeams highlight the details of the Esprit Dior Tokyo collection: the metallic closure and cannage of the Diorama bag, the silvered spangles of a dress, the finely-crafted metal of the Tribale earrings, the sequins sprinkling a nose veil.” – Dior.com

Rihanna is no stranger to controversy. The Rated R songstress is a veteran in the Fashion industry. Having her own show (Style to Rock) on the StyleNetwork, to her many successful fragrances to her collection for River Island – and then proves she gets paid by dropping a track called “Bitch Better Have My Money (BBHMM). BadGirlRiRi is a creative supernova. Rihanna latest shoot for Christian Dior is all about Decadence – something the Barbadian artist is no doubt well versed in. “Pour it up. Pour it up […] Still got my money.”

Shot by Craig McDean for Dior Mag, Rihanna has official reached new heights of stardom. Cultivating strong business relationships with some of the fashion heavyweights – this campaign for Christian Dior began in 2013; announcing she would be the house’s new representative. A first for the French fashion house as our RiRi is the first black woman offered the role of brand representative. And more on decadency… the film and print campaign was shot by Steven Klein in the Palace of Versailles.

“It feels fantastic […] it is such a big deal for me, for my culture, for a lot of young girls of any colour. I think to be acknowledged by Dior means a lot, as a woman, to feel beautiful – to feel elegant and timeless.” Phresh out the runway.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan x Longines

If you have ever watched a Bollywood movie, there is a good chance you would have seen a bewitching woman by the name of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Her list of credentials includes: modelling, a degree in architecture, a Miss World title, a philanthropist (she has her own charity foundation that aims to help disadvantage children in India – on a private jet somewhere Oprah is laughing, a Cannes Film Festival winner and subsequently a one-time festival panellist. She even branched into American films with Pride and Prejudice in 2004 – that was 11 years ago!

The most noted kudos in her toolkit to this day (besides being the Princess of Bollywood) is her contract as a spokesperson for the luxury Swiss watch brand, Longines.

‘The Indian Beauty’, as said by Longines.com, ‘has superbly embodied the Longines slogan “Elegance is an attitude” for more than ten years.’ Representing the romantic and luxury aspect of India, Aishwarya is setting an example for young women in her home country; reminding them that everyone , no matter where you are from or how old you are, can be elegant.

Now that is timeless advice.

What Is A Model Build?



By Calynn M. Lawrence

If you are wondering what the typical physical characteristics of a fashion model are, then you have come to the right place. This article will break down the average things that each type of model requires.


High fashion models indeed go through the most stress because their look is the hardest to achieve or maintain for many people. Because they are modeling live and in person, it is recommended that they be as tall and as thin as possible so that the clothes can lay flat and long like an artistic canvas. This does look quite beautiful, especially on the runway.

The average high fashion – editorial model stands at 5 foot 10, ranging from usually 5 foot 8 to 6 feet for women. Their weight is dependant upon body type, however, many fashion models have reported only weighing around 125 pounds. The deal is more about measurements. Exaggerated body types are not typically for high fashion. Therefore, many models have a modest chest size, B cup or smaller, a very slim waist, 24 inches about, and a maximum 11 inch waist to hip ratio.


Commercial models are not asked to be very tall. They typically start off at about 5 foot 5 and up. Because they are selling a product, they are required to have a definite personality and sometimes an acting background so that they can be most efficient for the commercial. Although they are not usually heavy set, they are seldom very thin. They tend to be about average size so that the average person can relate better to them. Also, their bodies tend to be more modest so that it does not distract from the message of the advertisement. In America, the average size for a woman is between a 10 and 12, yet commercial models typically start at a size 6 to 8. They are often times required to smile so having nice teeth is a must as well.


Plus sized models are typically made out to be very strong and sexy so casters want people to fit this category. Having a strong attitude and a love about yourself is key when it comes to making strides in this industry. Believe it or not because the camera adds weight, plus size modeling starts at a size 10 in many places. However, the average plus sized model is a minimum of a size 12 to 14. This is one field of modeling where exaggerated body types are encouraged and embraced! The more voluptuous the better!

As you can see, different field of modeling require different things. However, it is about you and what you are comfortable with. Going in with prior knowledge as to what they are expecting will be much beneficial.

Advice From A Model – You Need To Exfoliate



By Dania Denise,
Modelling 101 – A Models Diary

In order to look picture perfect or appear flawless on the runway, it is crucial that models make it a point to develop and maintain a good, daily skin care routine.

One of the most important aspects that some of you may not know about or could be failing to include in your routine is the act of exfoliating.

Believe it or not, this seemingly little thing can make a big difference in the appearance and health of your skin–both on your face and the rest of your body. Below is a crash course into what exfoliation is all about, how it can promote healthy “model” like skin and the other benefits that come with it.

The Definition of Exfoliation

Exfoliation is the practice of removing layers of dead skin from your face and body. While that may sound painful, it really isn’t. If you currently have a facial or body scrub as part of your collection of toiletry items, guess what? You’re exfoliating!

Why It Matters

The human body is a wondrous thing, especially when it comes to how our skin functions. In case you haven’t noticed, every day our skin sheds (i.e. dry flakes of skin on the face and body). When the skin isn’t properly exfoliated, the layers of those dead skin cells builds up, resulting in a dull and dry/ashy appearance. Not a pretty sight.

Exfoliation successfully sloughs off those layers of dead skin buildup, which not only means a more radiant complexion but the promotion of healthier, newer skin cells. When you kick out the older skin cells to make way for younger ones, this process is called “skin cell turnover.” And it is those new skin cells, among other factors, that are responsible for model skin.

How to Exfoliate

If you’ve yet to add exfoliation into your skin care routine, it is best to get a jump on it sooner than later. Most facial exfoliating products require you to apply the scrub to your complexion using your fingertips and gently massage it onto your skin using circular motions. There are also foaming products and others that may come with a special applicator to use. Body scrubs are pretty straight forward and can be applied to your body using your hands, washcloth or other similar item (see below for more info on this).

However, there are some important dos and don’ts to take note of to get the best results:

DO: Purchase a facial scrub that is made for your skin type.

DON’T: Use facial scrub on skin that has open sores, scars or breakouts. Wait for those areas to heal first. Acne prone skin should ONLY use facial scrubs that are labeled as being formulated for “Acne Prone Skin.” There are medicated versions, as well as others made with ingredients that exfoliate while being gentle enough for this skin type.

DO: Make it a routine but only use it as needed. Once to twice a week is the general frequency most people use their facial scrub. Oily skin types may need to exfoliate more often.

DON’T: Just use facial scrub alone. This product is not meant to replace your cleanser.

DO: Purchase a body scrub so you can get a full body exfoliation experience in the shower or bath.

DON’T: Use body scrub on your face and vice-versa. Your complexion is much more sensitive compared to the skin on the rest of your body. Only use “facial” scrub on your “face” and “body” scrub on your…you get it, I don’t even have to finish the sentence. 🙂

DO: Use a loofah or other type of body scrub brush to get the best results while exfoliating in the shower or bath.

DON’T: Go overboard on the scrubbing. There’s no need to rub your skin raw or until it’s red and irritated. Only use a bit of pressure while using your loofah or scrub brush. The same goes for exfoliating your face…be gentle or you could cause your complexion to get irritated and even develop mini scarring and/or abrasions.


5 Routine Daily Exercises



By Naima Karp

Since most of us are totally helpless when it comes to exercise, we’ve hired a Pilates expert to give you a few tips on how to fit key fitness moves into your daily routines. Here are five of the most effective moves you need to add to your daily exercises.

The Roll Up

The Roll Up is one of the most effective Pilates moves (one roll up can be equal to multiple sit-ups). The key here is slow movement – people often equate strength with fast movements that burn your body out quickly, but the slowness here helps you gain stability and strength in your core. Rather than propelling your chest up into a sitting position, slowly and gradually curl up starting from the shoulder blades, then curling into the upper abs, until you eventually fold over both legs as far as you can reach. Reverse the process as you roll back down. Remember to keep your back neutral: this means minimal arch in the lower back, which will result in more core work and will also protect your spine from injury. (2 reps. Of 25.) 

Leg Circles

For this exercise, lie on your back and lift your legs up straight. Make circles or semi-circles with your legs – the smaller and more controlled the movement is, the tighter the results in your glutes and thighs will be. Reverse the circles midway through, and play around with simultaneous circles with both legs, eventually evolving into a move called the corkscrew. The corkscrew is where you keep both legs glued together and make large circles with them, reversing the direction of the circle halfway through a rep. This will provide some good burn on the lower abs as well as your legs, cutting even more time off your workout. (3 reps. Of 30.)


Balancing on your forearms, stretch your body out to a push up position. Keep your back as straight as possible and draw your belly button into your spine. For more oblique work, tap your right hip bone to the ground, return to center, tap your left hip bone to the ground. For more arm work, alternate between lying on your forearms and pushing yourself up to a full push-up position (if you can, sneak in one pushup per rep). To tone up your butt, alternate lifting legs as you hold your plank position. (3 reps. Hold each plank for 30 seconds, or challenge yourself to a full minute.) 

Tricep Dips

You don’t have to miss a minute of that Real Housewives episode for this one. Pull a chair up next to the TV and press your palms into the seat. Your feet should be shoulder width apart. With your butt in the air, positioned like a Roman chair, push yourself up and down. Make sure to straighten your arms as your propel yourself up. Try lifting one hand off and propelling yourself upwards with the other. Keep your core tight, sucking your belly button in. (3 reps. Of 20.)


All around body toner: The Hundred

For The Hundred, you need to make a v-shape with your body. Lift your shoulders up as well as your legs, with only your bottom glued to the ground (if bringing your shoulder blades off the ground is too difficult, keep your head and neck up). With your legs up in the air, stick your arms out straight and pulse them up and down. If you want more leg work, play around with crossing your legs or scissoring them at various paces. For more core work, you can pulse your upper body up and down on an angle. (3 reps. Of 15 second holds.)

The Top Designers Of 2015



By Calynn M. Lawrence

2015 saw an amazing year for the fashion industry. Many designers had a huge breakthrough, tons of emerging models elevated their status and lots of cool trends came and went. However, out of all of these, it was these three fashion designers who stood out from the crowd and truly made a name for themselves. Here are your top designers of 2015!


There is little need to explain why Balmain was chosen for this list. Aside from his stellar luxury brand and high end garments, his collabporation with H&M was one of a kind. Certainly, this was his best work yet as well as H&M’s best designer collaboration ever!

What made this so special? Well, for starters the brand included very extravegant garb for an extremely reasonable price. For example, a generously embellished sequin gown made in the form of an elongated blazer was priced at a mere $100. Normally, an item of that intensity from a Balmain collection would cost you an easy $1000. That’s practically a tenth of the price with the same amount of value and quality!

Also, the brand was endorsed by some of the best celebrity picks possible including Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and the Kardashian-Jenner clan along with Cara Delevigne! Now if that isn’t good marketing, I don’t know what is. All of these selected individuals are very heavily sought after for the teen-young adult audience and this surely drove sales through the roof.


Chanel from the very beginning was built on a working woman’s mantra. This line was made for successful young ladies to strut their stuff while looking fabulous. After over 100 years in the running, Chanel is still one of the top designer brands in the game!

Throughout the duration of 2015, Chanel released a list of luxury items that all caught on like wildfire to the consumer public! This included tens of stylish handbags, many of which could bouble as a work bag, many pairs of sexy yet sensible heels, appropriate for the office, and quite a few suits that screamed plush professionalism. Although it may seem impossible, Chanel continues to make fashion friendly work wear for the business barbs around the globe! Christian Louboutin

What fashionista hasn’t heard of the classic red bottom? Christian Louboutin has revolutionised the entire luxury shoe industry with his fast acting creation of the iconic “red bottoms.”

His signature design for his already sensational shoes is to craft a simplistic pump and paint the soles a bright candy apple red, making them a statement piece while maintaining a certain subtlety. This is definitely the best of both worlds! While some may argue their value against the $500+ price range, that is definitely not putting a stop to their sales! Red Bottom shoes were amongst the highest selling shoes in 2015.

There you have it! These were the top three fashion designers of 2015. 2016 will tell if they shall hold their positions or have them taken by the next artist

Fighting Back Against Time



It may sound like I’m complaining – because everyone gets old –but I can’t believe how much things have changed since I turned 25. At first it was just little things, you know, like feeling a little sluggish during the day. I figured I had just been working a bit too hard and tried to get more rest. Then I noticed that my eyes were starting to look tired. Easy fix; a little bit of extra skin care at night, more water and just a tad of caffeine.

My problem is that my eyes were only the beginning. Overall it’s like everything is harder. I have to actually pay attention to what I eat and get enough sleep and exercise.

I never had to exercise before …

So I joined a gym. That was absolutely horrible. The minute I walked into the club, I felt every woman turn and look at me. I tried not to draw too much attention to myself, but it didn’t work. Other gym members made no attempt to make room for me on the machines or even help me out. After a few awkward visits, I decided to hire a personal trainer.

The trainer was knowledgeable, but even he could not resist asking me why I was there.

“You already look great, what reason could you possibly have for working out?”

I tell him I need to maintain my figure because I was a professional model. His response was classic: “Isn’t that what PhotoShop is for?”

So I stopped going to the gym. I hired a personal trainer to come to the house instead. Sure, it cost more, but it was definitely worth it to not have to deal with the judgmental stares.

Working out was one thing, my diet was another. See, here’s a secret about me and food. I love it. I don’t think about what I eat, I just go for it. I have a high metabolism so it has never been a problem. Since I turned 25 though, it’s like my metabolism started running out of steam. I started to develop a bit of a belly after enjoying a good lunch. If I don’t exercise for a week, my thighs start to lose their noticeable gap.

It’s not an amount that most people would notice, but it is something I definitely can see, and I’m sure designers will as well. I didn’t know what to do about it, but I knew I had to do something.

If you thought going to the gym was intimidating, seeing a diet specialist was worse. After being handed anorexia and bulimia pamphlets by more people than I could count, I finally called my agent who recommended a few simple changes.

I know I don’t have to do all this stuff. I mean I could keep my regular lifestyle and put on a few pounds- but not if I want to keep working. Even though all of it is an inconvenience, it’s worth it to stay on the runway. 25 is too young to retire. I survived the competitive world of fashion modeling and made it a career- I don’t intend to quit now that I’m good at it!


To Spend or Not to Spend?



That is the Investment Piece Question

By: Kristopher Fraser

Manolo Blahnik pumps, the Chanel 2.55mm bag, the Burberry trench coat. What do all these things have in common, aside from designer labels and high price tags? They fall into the category of investment pieces. Iconic fashion pieces that are easily recognized, will always elevate your outfit, and are often times worth more than a month’s rent.


When most people think of investments, they think of purchasing real estate or taking out stock. Most people don’t view a designer purchase as an investment. Others have been making a list of dream investment pieces since they picked up their first fashion magazine.


What exactly qualifies as an investment piece? Truthfully, every piece should be an investment piece, you should be trying to get the most wear, from the best quality items possible. The criterion for an investment piece seems to be anything that is the equal or greater to your month’s rent or mortgage. What other title could you possibly give an apparel item at that price point, to justify the cost?


The problem with these so called investment pieces though is very few of them actually increase in value. A real investment such as a house, for example, increases in value, and the owner will eventually see a return on investment. Most designer items, however, will depreciate in value, as fabulous as some of them are. From the minute a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s hit the pavement, or that Burberry trench is taken to the dry cleaner’s, the value of your item has declined from its retail value.


The value of many designers items will be lost by the end of season sale at many high-end department stores (for those of you coveting that Burberry trench, a word of advice, wait until the Bloomingdale’s June/July clearance sale.) To gauge what actually qualifies as a good investment piece, a quick search on eBay will give you an accelerated course. Search for any designer piece, from Louis Vuitton bags to Chanel jackets, some of which were bought seasons or even decades ago. Some sell for 20% of – or even more than – their original retail value.


A surprisingly accessible investment piece would be almost anything from any designer collaboration (for example Lanvin for H&M or Prabal Gurung for Target) Another quick eBay search reveals that these items, because they are so rare and sell out so quickly, can sell for twice their original price. One of the best luxury items to invest in, by far, would be Chanel, as their products have proven to increase in value.


The iconic Chanel 2.55 quilted leather bag once retailed at $1,500, and this was as recent as the mid 2000s. Today, a standard Chanel 2.55 bag costs almost $4,000. It’s a piece that will always lift anything else you’re wearing, and can literally last the rest of your life. Iconic luxury items are always a safe bet in terms of selecting an investment piece. If you’re one of the few privileged and patient enough to get their hands on the elusive Hermés Birkin bag there is no need to ever worry about the value of it depreciating. Only in a fantasy world would a Birkin bag ever go on sale.


If you’re seeking to buy an investment piece, it’s best to stick with accessories, preferably iconic handbags, which will always be coveted. Not too many people are really seeking to buy last season’s Gucci shirt, which by now, is probably on the sale rack at Neiman Marcus or at Neiman Marcus Last Call. Every day, however, someone’s looking to buy the Louis Vuitton Speedy bag. So, be smart about your investment pieces. That Chanel 2.55 bag could be resold on eBay, to buy you a vacation to Paris one day. That Burberry trench coat, on the other hand, is less of an investment, more of a splurge that will keep you stylish on a nippy day.

Chanel 2.55 bag

Source: starstyle.com

Fame & Freeloading Friends



I love my friends, but sometimes they can start to bug me – especially when it comes to getting favors just because I’m famous. I mean, I don’t go around asking them for favors. My dental hygienist friend doesn’t give me free cleanings… but as soon she needs something, she’s quick to call me.

I don’t get the double standard. Did they forget that I had to work to get what I have? I mean really work. Were they at the castings where I was criticized publically like I didn’t even matter? Are they constantly judged by other models, potential clients, and the public?

Nope, my friends have regular lives where they don’t have to wake up daily and question something about themselves. They go to work and do good enough and get a check even if they aren’t. Yeah, it’s hardly the same.

Yet, they feel – for some reason – that I am supposed to feel lucky to be where I am. They feel that I didn’t work to get what I have, and since it is luck that got me here, I should pay back into the luck-filled universe and share my perks. In other words, it’s greedy for me not to share because I didn’t deserve it in the first place.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate what I have, but I damn sure don’t feel lucky. My success didn’t happen by chance, I cried and sacrificed to get here. So I don’t understand why people feel I have this responsibility to share my good fortune with them. Everyone has their chance to be successful, don’t try and eat off of mine!

But I can’t tell my friends no, and I hate it when they put me in that situation in the first place. I mean sometimes it will be little things like, “show up at my party”, and that’s one thing. But sometimes it’s more serious like “promote my jewellery line” or something.

I want to help them out, really I do- because they are my friends- but at the same time I get tired of them asking me for stuff all of the time. Am I so out of line to feel like they are using me?

Oh and then there’s my agent – she absolutely hates when I do stuff to help them. Oh.my.gosh. – when I made the mistake of telling her about the lookbook I shot for a friend, she nearly made me deaf from yelling.

“Do you want to work for free, like some other models? Keep doing these friends of yours favors and you will be. I can promise you that!”

You’d think it wouldn’t be a big deal… I wasn’t booked for that weekend, but she said it hurt my brand, and made it hard for her to book me more work.

I didn’t want to make her job harder, and I want to help my friends out as well… but sometimes I feel like I am stuck in the middle of this crazy out-for-yourself world. FML, seriously.

Seven Lipsticks For Seven Days



By Simi A Mira


Ease yourself into the working week with a nude. Lipstick, that is. Chic and understated, the nude lip reflects the Monday morning feels while still keeping you looking fresh. A great pick for this kick-off colour is MAC’s iconic nude. Not only did this shade make MAC famous, it will keep you looking fabulous – so it should be a staple in your makeup bag! 


Bourjous are known for their innovative and very French-themed lipsticks (and makeup collections in general). Tuesdays choice is their Shine Edition lipstick in shade “Oh My Doll”. Which means a subtle baby pink, to you and I. This really encapsulates what Tuesday is all about – brightening up the day with some shimmery shades and throwing out those “carpe diem” feels to those around you. Dependant on your style, you can go all out baby pink, or just glaze your lips with it for some eye-catching shimmer.


Peak of the week needs to be celebrated with something special. Something like L’Oreal’s Red Passion Lipstick. Applied perfectly, this stand-out colour will be flawless for daytime meetings or lunches and be able to transition nicely into evening for relaxing drinks after work. You’ll feel luxurious and pampered as these lipsticks are enriched with Vitamin E – which will leave you feeling less guilty should those hump day drinks leave you sleeping in your makeup.


To contrast Wednesdays stand-out look of passion red, lets fall back on some trusty nudes again. This time to mix it up, the lipstick of choice is Bobbi Brown in Nude. This is a subtle change from Mondays nude, as it is more of a mocha colour. This gives your lips a darker, more smouldering nude than previous, and as we all know – a nude never fails to turn heads.


What better way to finish of a hectic week than with some cherry red lips? Technically not a lipstick, but still no less chic, Friday should be the day to adorn your lips with some liner. Either fill your lips in with the pencil itself, or combine with your favourite red lipstick – however comfortable you feel.


If you’re hitting the town, you’re going to want to be there with your finger on the fashion button. All over the catwalks and plastered across the high-end magazines is the very chic and stunning berry lipstick. It takes a brave woman to really apply this to its full potential, but the risk always pays off with some beautifully sculpted, attention grabbing lips. This colour really will give you Saturday feels, and make you look amazing at the same time. Charlotte Tilbury is the lipstick of choice, and the uber cute Estee Lauder like packaging will not look out of place in your handbag.


Ah, Sunday. The day of rest – or kicking back in your PJ’s, eating junk and watching trash TV and childhood movies. Debatable as to whether you’re leaving the house, Sundays lip adornment of choice is a tinted lip balm. Giving your lips the TLC they need, whilst still gracing your lips with the colour they deserve, this balm can be used whether you leave the house or not. Like a face mask for your mouth, this balm will leave your lips soft and nourished, ready to begin again on Monday.


Reviving The 90’s: The Winners & Losers



6 Trends we’ve inherited from the 1990’s (and 2 we’re thankful didn’t make the cut!)

By Lucy Shanahan

Just when we think those trends of our formative years are about to disappear into the dark abyss of regret and self-loathing, they come roaring back faster than you can say ‘jelly sandals’. A little sprinkling of hindsight and those style moments we thought painfully passé are now nostalgic and loveable. Then there are those which cause involuntary *facepalms*, because how did I EVER think that khaki board shorts with Roxy scribbled on the butt were ok?

20 years is the general rule of thumb for trends to resurface. It’s the magic stretch of time it takes for us to convince ourselves that certain looks can be cool again. If each decade tries to do the opposite of what came before, it makes sense that the double decades have some aesthetic similarities. That’s why we see hints of 70s boho and disco in 90s fashion (gold lamé skirts never went too far astray) , and why 2015 looks like season 3 of Friends if they had been glued to their iPhones. Let’s take a look at which trends stood the test of time, and which ones rightfully stayed dead and buried.

1. Normcore
The most googled and overused term of 2014, Normcore is the ‘I just rolled out of bed’ approach to fashion. Effortlessly cool and understated, Normcore advocates are all about blending in. Birkenstocks, boyfriend jeans and basic tees line the closets of hipsters, glowing new mums and middle aged tourists. Think Bassike, Jac and Jack and Levi’s 501s. Winona Ryder’s stripes and denim combo in Girl, Interrupted is the ultimate style inspiration for when we can’t be bothered to decide what to wear, and Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘Dad bod’ has us feeling better about that bowl of pasta we inhaled last night. Thank you, Larry David.

2. Grunge
Deep bordeaux lips and Doc Martins are still the greatest accessories for anyone fighting the man. Kurt and Courtney did it best. Nirvana said ‘fuck you’ and everyone listened. Marc Jacobs became the grunge guru, inspired by Yves Saint Laurant’s avant grade artistry and his interest in the beatniks (the anti-establishment arts kids in the 1950s, including cool cats Jack Kerouac and Ned Flanders’ parents). Before long, grunge trickled down into the department stores. These days, we find grunge in little pockets – from Lorde’s untamed locks and broody vibes to Miley’s leather bondage. Distressed jeans and a flannel around the waist are obligatory staples for the budding blogger. If you loved Drew Barrymore’s wild child with daisy chains look, look no further than One Teaspoon’s Awesome Baggies and your dad’s cupboard for an old shirt.

3. Clueless
For want of a better name, the Clueless look is the preppy meets glam vibe found in Cher Horowitz’s revolving closet. Iggy Azalea and Charlie XCX recreated the cult classic in their clip Fancy and reminded us all that anyone with a nose for negotiation and a yellow blazer can talk there way out of a C in debate. Tartan skirts, tube socks, shearling jackets and chokers are today’s garments of choice and Princess Highway, Alannah Hill and Ralph Lauren are havens for anyone with a faux-fur fetish. Josh, on the other hand, would probably be sporting a ‘Fuck Abbott’ t-shirt.

4. Raver Babes
Girls in bubblegum pink wigs were scattered through the rave circuit, all in the name of peace and love. Imagine today’s obsession with EDM exploding in fashion form. Electrifying colours and monster furry boots made their way through exposed brick warehouses. Raver babes today can be found in secret location house parties, local renegade music festivals and bush doofs. And don’t think that their every outfit won’t be documented on Facebook by a semi-pro photographer. The neon bum bag, too, has made a comeback. It went from ‘unflattering coin purse for elderly women’ to ‘festival must’. Romance Was Born is a whimsical take on rave culture, with collections like Mushroom Magic and Bush Magic heralding quirky and vibrant pieces for our inner raver.

5. Sneaker Town
Are you desperately trying to get your hands on a pair of Adidas Superstars? Well get in line. They’re sold out almost everywhere. You can thank the greatest hip-hop/R&B artists of the 90s for this craze. Hip-hop was going through its own transition; jazz, soul, funk and Motown were transported out of the studio and back onto the streets. Biggie, Wu Tang, MC Hammer; they all had sick street wear, and soon enough, everyone had a pair of Jordans in their cupboard. Pop stars of the moment all seem to have a finger in the sports luxe honey pot, with Pharrell Williams and Rita Ora inspiring creative collabs with Adidas. Miranda Kerr modelled for Reebok and made it cool again. And let me tell you, my feet couldn’t be happier.

6. The Virgin Suicides
How could we talk about 90s fashion moments without mentioning Sofia Coppola’s iconic film? Suicides is one of Coppola’s slow-cooker movies, where nothing happens, but everything changes. There’s something about watching it that emulates what I imagine it’s like to take Ambien. The Lisbon sisters’ middle parts and waif figures underpinned the Kate Moss look that burgeoned at the time.

Wooden platforms, floaty white dresses and dreamy floral skirts intended by their mother to divert the male gaze serve as minimalist style inspiration. There’s a hint of Stevie Knicks, Kate Bush and Picnic At Hanging Rock that imbues the film with dark romance and lilting melancholy. Today we see it in Johnny Was and Free People catalogues as well as Coachella pics and local fashion markets.


And now for those that didn’t make the cut…


7. The Pop Princess
Yes I know we’ve got Ariana, Selena, and Madonna still kicking on somewhere. But I’m talking about girls in super low-rider jeans with chunky belts or sparkly scarves that looked adorable on baby Britney but were corrupted by the g-string poking out the top. *shudder*. Then there was Mariah’s take on the need for a waistband – why need one at all? Again, Mariah could pull off pretty much anything, it was everyone else’s interpretation that gives me nightmares to this day.

8. Jazzercise
Go and find your mum’s old home-aerobics videos and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Floral windbreakers and polyester leotards with skinny crotch areas, terry cloth wristbands and headgear. Imagine the cast of Full House playing tennis in Disneyland. Although exercise gear like The Upside or Lulu Lemon is more sartorial than ever, Jazzercise corrupted some already questionable choices of the 1990s. Luckily, this look came right out of the 1980s and fizzled out during the 90s. Good to know our favourite decade isn’t to blame for this one.