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Criticising a model? Think twice..



It’s not easy being hated. Everyone thinks it is, but it’s not, and I’m not saying that to whine or anything, I’m just being honest.

Every single day I’m told I’m beautiful. I go to the store and people stare. I put gas in my car and perfect strangers offer to help me. It happens so much that I don’t even notice it any more. What I do notice, however, are the not so friendly comments. True, they don’t happen that often, but in a world of constant praise, it’s the haters that stand out. Truth is, their words really hurt.

I know models aren’t supposed to feel ugly, but have you ever thought about how ridiculous that request is? I mean, who goes around feeling invincible… in terms of their feelings, at least. For every 10 compliments I receive, it only takes 1 criticism to have me spending hours in front of the mirror, naked, trying to figure out if it’s true or not.

I remember one day a random girl on Twitter said I had a large forehead. Her tweet was one of 40 tweets I received that day, but it stood out. There I was staring at my screen wondering if I did, indeed, have a large forehead.

Four hours later, after I had thoroughly stared at all of my tear sheets, and spent 1 hour rearranging my hair in the bathroom mirror, I was on the phone with my agent.

She said my look was ‘unique’ and that clients loved the shape of my face.

For me, that only validated my fear. I did have a large forehead. After crying for the next two hours, I pulled myself together and called my stylist. He expertly reworked my hair to better frame my face.

Sure, all of this might have been a bit unnecessary – my agent didn’t suggest I change my look- but after that one comment I couldn’t bear looking at myself in the mirror anymore. It hurt too much, and I could just see some random girl from my high school talking to her friends about me and my big forehead. It didn’t matter that there were 30 people surrounding me, worshipping every other part of my body… it was that one girl, and her judgmental, hateful comment that did the trick. Not only did it hurt at that one moment, it hurt the entire day.

So the next time you think about publically criticizing a model’s looks, think about how that might feel if it was you. Imagine how it feels to have the one thing you are known and loved for rudely criticized. I can tell you, it hurts. Yes, we receive a lot of praise, but we’re still human and we have feelings.

Is Fashion Feminist?



By Margretta Sowah
Twitter – @bohomags

Once upon a time it was easy to spot an honest person – they exuded purpose. In the 21st century of political correctness, being honest is a double edge sword. Look at it this way; if integrity and fairness were as celebrated and engaged with as war, the world would be a different place.

The honest truth: Feminism is far from its full actualisation. Can fashion aid in the advancement of this honest cause; being the Mecca of expressionism expressed, in conceptualised styli-fication? – talk about a mouthful! Let’s explore.

Act like a woman

When a woman compliments another woman it can be taken as shade. When a man compliments a woman, he is taken seriously. How does that work? Fashion is intrinsically feminine – the advertisement is geared to prickling women’s sensors, educing an almost septic reaction; the hand reaching for the credit card, a gush instils as the bag handle does a body exchange.

Yes, fashion is feminine. But is it feminist? Not to go into an issue much more complex than the average trending topic, feminism is the right and acknowledgement of equality over both genders. This is referring to not only social issues (raising a family on their own, personal safety, allowing for political correctness etc) but psychological thought patterns as well. The last headlining feministic stunt in fashion was CHANEL’s Paris Fashion Week show in 2014. Top models such as Gisele Bündchen and Cara Delevingne walked down the runway, asking for change over designer microphones.

Society as a whole is for feminism, I believe, as mothers are the matriarchal image of the female spirit… perhaps that is where we get our wires crossed. Women in the 21st century do not want to be just mothers. We want – no deserve – to have it all; at least how men are seen to have. The problem is putting these two worlds together – having a family and being part of a system or being the ‘woman most envied’; all aided by brand [x] perfume No.69. You can’t be vain and loving at the same time, right?

These opposing images make for an interesting and almost comical reaction to fashion in feminism. Since the burning of the bra – or at least Madonna’s Jean Paul Gaultier cone bra from the Blond Ambition tour of 1990 (I was only one at the time!); fashion has always been a tool at our disposal. Whether this power pushes for societal changes or personal expression is yet to be seen in any other form but misunderstanding by already set standards.

Think like a man

Women’s rights are a huge driving force for societal changes as are male rights too… so what about the transgender issues? Surely feminism, in its purest form, is to protect and respect the rights and wishes of men who are now women also? Does it work that way?

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: the industry is perhaps one of the few platforms we have to express opinions. We need advocates from all subcultures and markets to fight this problem. What can’t be done about this is nothing. The gay and lesbian community is a big part of the fashion economy, with glitterati’s like Brian Boy & André Leon Talley being public fashion and cultural figures in their own right.

Their voices on feminism issues are invaluable. Men are seen as go-getters, always on the hunt, – check out my post on the Male Model Stereotype – succeeding by any means possible (survival of the fittest or finest? A discussion for another time).

It’s no secret men dominate the industry with most designers of womenswear being male (over 65%). We are used to this. We don’t question it. Houses like Prada and Versace come from male conceptions, being adaptive as the years have past. Women such as Miuccia Prada, Diane Von Furstenberg, Stella McCartney, Donna Karen and even Mary Katrantzou are pushing for the acknowledgement (and equal pay) of female designers in any market.

One writer wrote in their article Are Fashion and Feminism compatible; “Fashion is, by its nature, entirely bipolar. You can love it, live for it; invest all your time/money/energy in it, but clearly what it says today will in no way reflect what it says in six months’ time. Indeed, surely the entire point of fashion is that it mustn’t really believe in anything…” (via The Guardian).

Whether or not the author’s opinion is valid, it sure makes for an interesting point. It is not fashion that gives us something to believe in but us that gives fashion its meaning. Never forget that. If we believe fashion is not feminist then it won’t be.

Fashion in the future

If you follow Pantone on social media you would have seen their Colour of the Year release. For 2016 the colour(s) of the year are Rose Quartz and Serenity. To the untrained eye these colours are just baby pink and baby blue, but those in the industry see a link between society’s outcry for gender-equality, even if it starts from something as simple (and effective) as colour.

The colour of the year, explained by Pantone, is: “A symbolic color selection; a color snapshot of what we see taking place in our culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude. In many parts of the world we are experiencing a gender blur as it relates to fashion, which has in turn impacted color trends throughout all other areas of design.

This more unilateral approach to color is coinciding with societal movements toward gender equality and fluidity, the consumer’s increased comfort with using color as a form of expression, a generation that has less concern about being typecast or judged and an open exchange of digital information that has opened our eyes to different approaches to color usage.”

The most important point to take out is consumers hold the key to changes. That’s right. You and I hold the power to change how things are sold to us. Will it be enough to break the line of equality and fairness? We can only tell one stitch (and swipe) at a time.

If fashion is meant to be an expressive force, let’s make sure what we are expressing is the truth – even if it’s honestly ugly.

The Best Fat Burning Foods



Keeping your blood sugar in check and stabilising your insulin levels will not only get you off the energy rollercoaster (3:30-itis, anyone?) for good, but help your body burn excess fat.

Here are my 12 favourite fat-burning foods!

1. Coconut Oil – the medium chain triglycerides help boost your metabolism by being digested in your digestive tract and are used for energy more readily than other fats. Its thermogenic properties mean that it assists the body’s ability to burn fat.

2. Greens – from a practical perspective, replacing traditional heavy grains with a healthy portion of greens will nourish you and provide you with plenty of fibre to detox your colon and produce a ‘full-feeling’ to prevent you from overeating.

3. Fibre such as Flaxseed, Chia Seeds, Psyllium Husk – is fat burning because it keeps you feeling full and satisfied (fighting off those nasty sugar cravings!) and keeps your glucose and insulin under control, the key to weight loss.

4. Broccoli – contains natural phytochemicals which the plant uses to protect itself from cell degeneration. Eating veggies like broccoli helps pass on this delicious goodness to you! Try lightly roasting them for a completely different flavour to steaming.

5. Berries – when consumed in small amounts, these low GI fruits are a great source of energy and natural source of antioxidants which help decrease free radicals in your blood stream that are damaging to skin cells.

6. Seaweed – is an amazing source of Vitamin B12 which is essential for a healthy brain and nervous system. It also contains natural chemicals which stimulate the body’s creation of a fat burning protein.

7. Spirulina is dried blue-green algae which is known to increase your body’s capacity to burn fat and reduce exercise-induced fatigue. Add it to your smoothies with yummy fruits or take in capsules- the taste is a little strong at first!

8. Lemon – add to a glass of warm water in the morning to alkalise your body and boost your metabolic rate. This will assist your body in burning more calories.

9. Turmeric – its anti-inflammatory properties will help you feel leaner by stimulating digestion and helping the liver detox itself, so that fats can be broken down more easily.

10. Green Tea – contains antioxidants known as catechins which provide your body with a nice metabolism boost in the form of a calming cuppa!

11. Grapefruit – lowers the body’s insulin levels in small amounts and can assist the body in metabolising sugar for energy instead of storing it as fat. Controlling insulin levels will also assist in controlling your appetite.

12. Lean Protein and Fish – these proteins will keep you feeling fuller for longer and balance out our body’s digestion of carbohydrates. As they take longer for the body to break down, small amounts of lean protein and fish at lunch and dinner will prevent you from being on the dreaded insulin roller-coaster.


By Jessica Sepel

Instagram: @jshealth

Fashion & Music – A Match Made In Heaven



By Matt Chappell

There’s no doubt that fashion and music are inseparable. From rockabilly to gothic, brit-pop to hip-hop – music has influenced fashion and vice versa. Artists seeking to stand out from the crowd frequently dress in distinctive ways, which their fans subsequently strive to recreate. Let’s take a look at just how closely linked fashion and music are linked.

Artists Endorsing Brands

The music industry is overcrowded and, whilst the endless variety of artists is certainly not a bad thing, it can be hard for some to stand out. One way of standing out is through developing a unique look or ‘peacocking’. Sometimes this can be through the musician wearing incongruent or vibrant clothes, other times it may be that an artist or group adopts a certain piece of clothing that ends up becoming part of their identity.

For example, hip-hop has been instrumental in creating new styles – and birthing entire industries as a result. Run-D.M.C. adopted a sports-casual look as a retort to the more glam-based hip-hop artists of the time, such as Grandmaster Flash. Their look featured tracksuits, sneakers and other sportswear, and they rapped about their love for Adidas shoes in their 1986 song My Adidas. As a direct response to the wild popularity this gained for Adidas, the brand offered them an endorsement deal – the first of its kind.

My Adidas and me close as can be, We make a mean team, my Adidas and me,” Run-D.M.C. lyrics – My Adidas

Closer to the present day, artists are still working with fashion brands to increase their own and the labels’ popularity. Pop icon, Rihanna, has collaborated with River Island and Stylist Adam Selman to create four individual collections. The collaborative effort probably had more benefit for River Island than it did Rihanna, but as a marker of her creative talent and business acumen, it shows that Rihanna is capable of much more than just making popular music. Maybe in the future we will see Rihanna launching her own label based on the experience she gained working with River Island. After all, many musicians are getting involved in the design game…

From Musician to Designer

It’s not uncommon for artists to have a heightened sense of style, since a large part of their overall image is visual – especially in this age of paparazzi shots and what-she-wore articles. As a result, it is no surprise that these artists want to share their vision with their fans by creating their own clothing lines. Many big names have created their own labels, although some see more success than others.

Gwen Stefani is one such artist that seems to have hit the nail on the head with her range, L.A.M.B. Hailing from a family of seamstresses, Stefani launched the range in 2004 as a result of being prompted by the New York stylist, Andrea Lieberman, who noticed her unique style – a result of hand making a lot of the clothes she performed in whilst in No Doubt.

The label has also seen significant longevity as it enters its 11th year of business and its popularity may have been buoyed by celebrities – such as Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez – regularly being spotted wearing the label. To further increase the reach of her clothing line, Stefani references it within her music, as in her 2004 song Harajuku Girls, from her album L.A.M.B. (Love, Angel, Music, Baby.)

Pharrell is another artist to make it big in the fashion industry, entering his second decade of business in 2013. His brand, Billionaire’s Boys Club is similar in spirit to Stefani’s in that it is a reflection of his own personal vision of fashion and he has also featured the brand in his music and videos, further exposing the brand to current and future fans.

In-store Sounds

A completely different way in which a brand can work with an artist is through in-store music. Elevator-style music is now a thing of the past, as brands seize the opportunity to reinforce their image through the music they play whilst customers shop. Not only this, but the publicity this can give to up-and-coming brands is significant, and can serve to help bolster their exposure to an audience.

Superdry is a great example of this being done well, as they have a central, curated SoundCloud channel on which they feature new artists. This SoundCloud channel is played in all of Superdry’s stores but can also be listened to for free at any time. Superdry’s global presence means that the tracks can be heard worldwide, by an incredibly diverse audience, which is a massive amount of potential exposure for any musicians featured on the channel.

A Brand New Sound

Music and fashion are incredibly important, not only for helping formulate pop culture but in helping individuals to express themselves. Their relationship is also unlikely to weaken, as history has shown us that music and fashion have only drawn closer together as time goes by.

The trends of ten years ago seem entirely different to today’s, and it’s hard to predict what styles and staples we’ll see in another ten years. One thing is for certain, music will certainly play a part in how we’ll look in the future.

Model-Maison Signe



This is an edit from the beautiful website called Model-Maison. Model-Maison is a project of love and dedication that has seen the photographer, Cybele Malinowski shoot models in their bedrooms all over the suburbs of Sydney, LA, London, Ukraine and shanghai. Each week we will be featuring a new model from Model- Maison.



Model: Signe

Photographer: Cybele Malinowski

Website: ModelMaison

Instagram: @cybism

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/modelmaison

MUA + H: Anna Milczarczyk

Styling Credits: Model’s and Cybele’s own. One piece swimmers thanks to Desert Designs

6 Quick Beauty Tips From A Nutritionist



By Jessica Sepel – The Healthy Life

I’m a firm believer that beauty starts in the kitchen. The relationship between the food we eat and the way we treat our bodies is inevitably reflected in our outward appearance. What we put in is what comes out, and that’s why these tips really makes a difference in how I look and feel. 

1. Drink more water. Staying hydrated is the easiest and most effective beauty tip, in my opinion. In order to achieve that healthy glow, your goal is to consume about 2 litres of water a day. It’s easier than you think to meet your hydration goals – herbal tea counts, and so do fruits and veggies. That’s right, fresh produce also has a high water content! Think leafy greens, citrus fruits and berries to boost beauty.

2. Eat (and drink) more greens. Not only do greens help you hydrate, they also contain so many beautifying vitamins and nutrients that improve you skin, hair and nails.

3. Take care of your gut. You skin is a reflection of your gut health. Dark circles aren’t just caused by a late night out – it could actually be a sign of toxic overload from the liver. Reducing gluten, dairy and sugar, as well as minding your stress levels, can make a huge difference not only in how you feel, but in how you glow.

4. Cut back on the cocktails. I’m not saying you have to cut them out completely, but reducing your alcohol and caffeine consumption will do wonders for your liver!

5. Ditch the makeup. OK, not every day – a girl’s got to have a little fun with it – but the more you give your skin a break the better. You probably know that the skin is our largest organ, so what we put onto it inevitably impacts what’s underneath. Another great DIY beauty trick? Homemade masks!

6. Rest, rest, rest. I cannot emphasize this one enough – it truly is my top health tip! Forget beauty for a moment: a stressed, exhausted body can’t function the way it’s supposed to. It will show in every way, which means that yes – your complexion, hair and even your weight can suffer the consequences. Take time each day to do something you truly enjoy and switch off, even if it’s just for 20 minutes. It’s no trick – that and a solid night’s sleep will boost your beauty faster and more permanently than any expensive product ever could

Skin Detoxes for a Make-Up Free Season



By Naima Karp

Winter has done quite a job on our skin, drying it out and whipping it with wind, snow and all the other elements that the unpredictable New York weather throws at us. But summer can be even worse, especially because wearing makeup in ninety degree humidity is comparable to wearing a cashmere turtleneck to the beach. Instead of covering up what the heat and humidity bring, learn how to combat it with these diet do’s and dont’s.

Lemon and citrus

You can apply this directly to the skin, or digest it for skin benefits that pack a double whammy! Lemons and citrus fruits provoke enzyme release and makes toxins water-soluble, making it easier for your skin to excrete these toxins and breathe. Drink a cup of lemon water in the morning to jolt your skin into shape and give you a metabolism boost. Lemon or grapefruit water is also an awesome alternative to soda, which contains tons of sugar and makes you break out.

Healthy fatty acids

Avocado, nuts, and wild salmon are all packed with anti-aging omega 3’s. Avocado toast, inspired by Café Gitane’s famous but simple dish, is easy to recreate at home. Mash up an avocado, splash a little lemon or lime juice, and sprinkle a little red pepper for a meal to get you out of a midday slump. A handful of nuts will also give you the same benefits and sustenance throughout the day, as will a healthy dinner making use of simple, grilled or baked salmon. Mix all three together with some cranberries for an irresistible powerhouse of a salad. 


Another excuse to go out for sushi, seaweed stimulates blood flow for a fresh-faced glow. It also has antioxidants in it, and phytonutrients that absorb your digestive tract’s toxins, similar to the process of putting tap water through a filtering system. Chock-full of minerals, try something new like fresh seaweed salad, or mixing it into something unusual, like risotto with Nori seeds.  For a midday snack to bring to the office, have some rice vinegar and garlic on hand and toss together an easy seaweed salad 

Dark chocolate

Ok, if you still have a furrowed brow after reading these healthy suggestions, there are still a couple of indulgences that will keep your pores healthy as well. Dark chocolate with a relatively high cocoa content (70 percent or higher) has vital flavones endorsed by NY skin guru Nicholas Perricone, and the caffeine in it can even get rid of puffy eyes and skin after a long weekend. 

Bell Peppers

Green, red, and yellow bell peppers are great for avoiding wrinkles and protecting your skin from the sun, which you’ll need in the unbearably hot New York summers. Try to pack in a couple of cups of pepper a day, either stuffed (try ground turkey or quinoa), grilled up in a veggie wrap or with some hummus for a healthy and tasty snack. A great, versatile ingredient to get creative with. 

Avoid: Dairy

Avoiding dairy is a good reason to jump on the vegan bandwagon, at least for a few weeks, to see visible differences in your skin. Dairy is an inflammatory food group, which means it can age your skin and cause or worsen acne problems. Try soy milk, or even almond milk, which you can get for as little as 40 calories a serving, as an alternative. It adds a nutty kick to your coffee that’s way better than that watery non-fat you’ve been swearing by! Go here to make smoothies and more in your blender with this creamy almond milk recipe.

Avoid: sugar

This one is kind of hard, especially since a lot of foods sneak in sugar without you knowing. As mentioned in a previous slide, choose dark chocolate instead of milk or white. Use honey as a sweetening substitute. It makes coffee taste more interesting, and spreading raw honey on some toast rather than sugar-filled jam will give you sustenance for the day. Try adding some banana and almond butter for a healthy midday meal.

Avoid: excessive white sugar

White flour is just like the previously mentioned foods containing refined sugar and other aggravating ingredients that lead to inflammation and puffy skin. Cutting out white flour will also make your head feel much clearer, keep you fuller for longer, and prevent bloating. If whole wheat is a little too intense for you, ease into it with bread and muffins made with oatmeal flour, which is a healthier alternative as well. Or mask the whole wheat flavor by sweetening with extra honey (another skin-helper) and packing your recipe full of flavorful fruits.For blueberry muffins that are so irresistible you can’t even taste the whole wheat flour, go here. 

Avoid: alcohol

Let’s be honest – avoiding alcohol entirely isn’t necessarily possible, but that’s ok. The worst culprits are often very sugary cocktails, and an overabundance of beer, both of which lead to bloating and dull skin. Red wine serves the same function as dark chocolate, in terms of antioxidants, and is a great alternative. If you need that daiquiri, try to go somewhere that drinks are sweetened with agave rather than pumped with cups of sugar. Your skin will thank you, and so will your grateful head, for not experiencing the dreaded late night sugar crash.There’s never enough sangria recipes to re-appropriate your red wine in. 

Beautiful inside, beautiful outside

A lot of the diet do’s can be applied to your face for added benefits, and are a way cheaper alternative to expensive spa treatments and drugstore masks. To moisturize, refresh skin, and discourage wrinkles, mix together honey, lemon juice, and avocado (equal parts) until it becomes paste. Leave it on for about ten minutes and rinse it off. Your skin should look brighter almost right away. 

How to Keep Healthy While Traveling



By Jessica Sepel

Whether you’re traveling for holiday or for work, it can be tough on your system. It IS possible to have fun on your adventure while still taking care of yourself.

Pack your supplements. I especially like to bring a B vitamin complex for energy, stamina and recovery (it also seems to help with jet lag) and zinc to keep your immune system strong. Bring spirulina tablets, which are packed with amino acids, nutrients and antioxidants to keep you healthy and full of energy. And since digestion can get out of whack while traveling, be sure to take a digestive enzyme and probiotic.

Bring your own snacks. Plane/airport food is usually very high in sodium. This is OK in moderation, but save the splurge for a great restaurant when you arrive! Pack some healthy treats that are travel-friendly, like raw almonds, dates stuffed with seeds, sliced veggies, an apple, rice cakes with almond butter, and homemade granola bars or protein bites. 

Stay hydrated. Hydration cannot be emphasized enough, especially when flying. This prevents water retention and other issues associated with dehydration when you land. Carry a glass water bottle to refill at the filters available at most airports, and bring herbal tea bags with you too. Ginger and peppermint tea aids digestion, and chamomile will soothe your system. 

Use lavender oil. I dab some on my temples to induce calmness and rest on the plane and when going to sleep while I’m away. Adjusting to jet lag, lighting and a different bed can cause stress on your body and this routine is very soothing.

Pack your workout gear. Sneakers take up precious space in your suitcase, so you’re more likely to make it worthwhile by putting them on and hitting the pavement. If you’re looking for something that takes up next to zero space in your bag, resistance bands will be your new bestie. They’re perfect for strength training –no weight machines required!

Keep moving. I don’t worry too much about formal exercise when traveling, but I stay active exploring my surroundings. Walking, biking and jogging are always  great ways to sightsee. You may even find a fun local yoga or dance class!

Website: jessicasepel.com

Instagram: @JSHealth

Remember That Dress?



By Brandis Ohlsson

If you’ve been living under a rock the past few months, you missed what seemed to be the most important news story to hit the Internet since “Hot Convict” Jeremy Meeks. A Scottish woman posted a photo on her Tumblr page, asking followers what color they saw the dress as. Some said they saw white and gold, others said they saw black and blue. (I say, who the hell cares?) According to science, different people are legitimately seeing the dress as different colors, and it has to do with varying numbers of photoreceptors in our retinas and whatnot.

What boggles me is that with all the excitement surrounding, no one has asked the most important question of all- why would anyone wear that dress in the first place??!

With a little digging it seems that the dress comes from a British website Roman. (https://www.romanoriginals.co.uk) It’s a bodycon dress, i.e.: would only be worn well by ladies with rocking bodies, and comes in four color choices, none of which are white and gold. Sorry to burst some of your bubbles.

I try not to be judgmental of other people’s fashion choices, but this is one of those dresses that would look very Jersey Shore, even on the tallest, thinnest, and most beautiful of glamizons. There is too much going on; from the layering of fabric, lace overlays, and color options that don’t exist in nature, to the peekaboo mesh collarbone, this little number (appropriately now titled #TheDress Lace Bodycon) is screaming, “I’m on trend! I’m on trend!” Which yes, I know, even as I type it, is the most obvious statement that can be said about a dress that melted the Internet in less than 24 hours.

But alas- I have to remember #TheDress hasn’t gained it’s notoriety for its design, or because it was worn by a starlet or rockstar. This dress probably won’t go down in history with Marilyn’s white pleated halter, or JLo’s deep plunging Versace. This is a dress that shot to fame for being a scientific marvel that allowed the world to collectively waste some time.   And while most of us will forget about it in a week or two and move onto the next viral sensation, #TheDress will most definitely be remembered with the likes of Alex from Target, Grumpy Cat, the prosthetic 3rd boob lady, and my personal favorite, Sweet Brown’s “Ain’t nobody got time for that”. And really, who does have time for that?

What A Nutritionist Eats In A Week



By Jessica Sepel – The Healthy Life

I do believe in everything in moderation. I follow an 80/20 philosophy with my diet – where the 80% accounts for nourishing wholefoods, like organically sourced fruits/veggies/meat and plenty of good fats – and the 20% includes healthy treats in moderation; a few squares of dark chocolate or a glass of red wine at the end of the day. Enjoy the 20%, but make sure you are having a good quality animal protein and loads of colourful and green veggies to go with it!

Here is what a week on my plate looks like – I make sure to include heaps of variety – eating the rainbow is truly the easiest way to make sure you get all the essential nutrients your body needs!



Pre breakfast: lemon and ginger warm water + yoga + belly breathing exercise. (Everyday)

+ Morning piccolo coffee – 1 shot of coffee with a small serve of hot milk.

Breakfast: 1/2 cup organic rolled oats cooked in water/almond/coco milk and cinnamon. Topped with berries, a scoop of vanilla pea protein and some mixed seeds. It is so important to get some good fats and proteins in at breakfast time to keep your blood sugar levels stable until dinner.

Daily vitamins: Fish oil, Multi mineral, Vitamin C. (repeated daily)

Snack: Green apple with cinnamon and ginger lemon tea

Lunch: Salmon trout served on a mixed leaf salad with avocado slices. Lemon juice and Dijon mustard mixed together for the dressing.

Snack: Carrot sticks with clean hummus

Dinner: Grilled sea bass/snapper with sautéed/steamed garlic broccoli and grilled asparagus. Lemon ginger tea/chamomile.

Nighttime vitamins: Magnesium powder and a probiotic.



Breakfast: Power protein shake: scoop of vanilla pea/whey protein, 1/2 frozen banana, 1/2 cup frozen berries, 1 tbsp chia seeds, cinnamon, 1 tsp almond butter, vanilla stevia, 1 cup ice cubes, 1 cup almond milk. Blend. This keeps me so full and satisfied all morning.

+ Morning piccolo coffee – 1 shot of coffee with a small serve of hot milk.

Snack: small handful of raw almonds

Lunch: Tuna and roasted cauliflower salad: a bed of lettuce, chopped carrot, artichokes, avocado, onion, cucumber and roasted cumin spiced cauliflower. Tossed with sesame dressing made from Dijon mustard, sesame oil, tamari and white balsamic.

Snack: 2x sugar free protein balls 

Dinner: Grilled salmon served with pesto green beans and a mixed salad



Breakfast: 150-200g Greek yoghurt/Coyo with 1/2 cup mixed berries. Add a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and chia seeds. Top with a handful of raw almonds and a drizzle of honey/stevia/cinnamon to sweeten.

+ Morning piccolo coffee – 1 shot of coffee with a small serve of hot milk.

Snack: 1x boiled egg + fresh green juice

Lunch: Grilled chicken and avocado salad with rocket leaves and grilled zucchini. Top with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Snack: Carrot and cucumber sticks with tahini dip

Dinner: Piece of lean eye fillet steak served with cauliflower mash (recipe from my book, The Healthy Life) and roasted sweet potato slices.

Dessert: 2-3 pieces of 80% dark chocolate.



Breakfast: Power protein shake: scoop of vanilla pea/whey protein, 1/2 frozen banana, 1/2 cup frozen berries, 1 tbsp chia seeds, cinnamon, 1 tsp almond butter, vanilla stevia, 1 cup ice cubes, 1 cup almond milk. Blend. This keeps me so full and satisfied all morning.

+ Morning piccolo coffee – 1 shot of coffee with a small serve of hot milk.

Snack: 1 cup of blueberries sprinkled with cinnamon

Lunch: Tuna and avocado brown rice sushi – from my local Japanese café.

Snack: 150g Greek yoghurt sweetened with cinnamon and stevia granules. Topped with some raw almonds – keeps my blood sugar levels nice and stable until dinner.

Dinner: Snapper in a bag – with lemon, rosemary and garlic – baked in the oven. Served with sautéed garlic spinach and a fresh green salad.

Dessert: 1 sugar free protein ball



Breakfast: 1/2 papaya with a squeeze of lime juice. Topped with Greek yoghurt and mixed seeds.

+ Morning piccolo coffee – 1 shot of coffee with a small serve of hot milk.

Snack: Carrot sticks with a smear of almond butter

Lunch: Pesto Zucchini pasta with chicken breast – amazing pasta alternative. So satisfying.

Snack: Herbal tea

Dinner: Grilled lemon and herb chicken breast served with sweet potato mash.

Post dinner: Chai tea with almond milk and cinnamon



Breakfast: Warm cinnamon oats topped with 2 tbsp Greek yoghurt, banana slices and a mix of nuts and seeds.

+ Morning piccolo coffee – 1 shot of coffee with a small serve of hot milk.

Snack: 1 carrot sliced – sprinkled with rock salt.

Lunch: Chicken, pumpkin and avocado salad – spinach leaves as the based. Drizzled with a miso salad dressing.

Snack: My signature Power Protein shake – minus the fruit.

Dinner: Garlic and Ginger Prawn stir fry – with lots of greens and fresh herbs. Served with brown rice. Glass of red wine.



Breakfast: Treat breakfast of an Acai bowl from a local acai bar in Bondi.

Snack: Morning piccolo coffee

Lunch: Roasted chicken with grilled parmesan asparagus and big salad – enjoyed with my family.

Snack: Greek yoghurt sweetened with cinnamon and stevia

Dinner: Scrambled eggs with pesto and served with avocado – Sunday nights are always easy egg night!